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LevelForecast is a unique system of technical analysis that allows you to model Price Levels and Time Levels in the future, based on this system the LevelForecast indicator was developed.

At the heart of the construction of price levels (Price Level), algorithms for searching extremes on the senior (Daily, Weekly) timeframes for the entire history of the instrument are laid. At the heart of the construction of Time Levels are algorithms for searching regularities and cyclicity between extremes on the older (Daily, Weekly) timeframes. Based on the results obtained, Price and Time levels are built, one of the characteristics of the indicator is the ability to project calculated price levels according to a given algorithm into the predicted range.

How to install the LevelForecast indicator in the MT4 and MT5 trading terminal, you can find out on the documentation page or watch the video (trading algorithm, setting and adjustment of the indicator)

The LevelForecast indicator works on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. A version of the indicator for the interactive Web platform is in development.

You can download the latest version of the LevelForecast indicator from the Personal Office, the LevelForecast menu, the Download area:

Indicator LevelForecast for Metatrader4

Indicator LevelForecast for Metatrader5

Your personal key (UserKey), you can get in the Personal Office on the LevelForecast page in the section LevelForecast subscription data.

The trend levels in the LevelForecast and the "trend lines" correspond to the sloping levels of Support and Resistance. The range between the Support and Resistance levels is the market trading zone. Trading zones help determine the direction of the trend, as well as set goals in the form of price levels.

Markets Live: This is an analytical platform built on the basic LevelForecast algorithms. The capabilities of the implemented algorithms of the system allow online market models of technical analysis for many financial instruments.

Market formations and models of technical analysis are calculated using innovative LevelForecast algorithms, mathematical analysis of price and time levels, as well as found extremes for a historical time interval for each time interval. The projection of the price levels and the constructed models, as well as the direction of the trend and the percentage ratio, is calculated taking into account the possible behavior of the price in the future and the further direction of the trend.

Chart Patterns - is a patterns indicator, whose capabilities allow you to define formalized patterns based on implemented algorithms and neural network analysis on the chart of the trading instrument.

The pattern indicator is an automated system for searching, recognizing and visualizing market patterns of formations. With the help of the indicator you can build patterns on the given algorithms on the chart of the trading instrument.

Modeling of chart patterns is carried out with the help of specially developed algorithms with application of mathematical and neuro-network analysis. To recognize the patterns, a trained neural network is used. Found or previously defined market formations allow you to quickly build and visualize the pattern-model of technical analysis. All patterns are accumulated and formed, as well as visualized in automatic mode, the pattern database is constantly improved and updated.

Trade in financial markets within a single trading session, which does not exceed the period of trading operations within the current day.