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LevelForecast indicator for the Metatrader4

Indicator of technical analysis LevelForecast is a complex system of technical analysis, created for the analysis of financial markets and application in the trading platform MetaTrader4. LevelForecast is a unique and effective system of technical analysis. With its help today, the modeling of price and time levels in the forecast range.

LevelForecast for Metatrader4 AUDCAD charts LevelForecast for Metatrader4 GBPAUD charts LevelForecast for Metatrader4 USDSEK charts


The LevelForecast system provides many opportunities:

  • search for entry points
  • pattern definitions
  • identify Support and Resistance levels
  • calculation of Stop-loss and Take-profit levels
  • assessment of the current market trend and forecasting the possible movement of prices
  •  search for possible ranges for changing trend trends
  • determination of the time trend stagnation
  • search and determination of the relationship between the price and time levels
  • search for possible impulse movement in the price range or anomalous movement above the standard ATR value

Features of the LevelForecast system:

  • practice on different timeframes and markets (currency pairs, futures, stocks, indices and crypto-currencies)
  • calculation models and level building are performed in automatic mode
  • visualization of Price and Time levels in the terminal charts
  • visualization of Support and Resistance levels on the terminal charts
  • automatic projection of computed models into the predicted range
  • the unique capabilities of the LevelForecast indicator can be considered as a basis for building trading systems

The version of the LevelForecast indicator is available for the personal computer and the operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


Please get the most opportunities with the LevelForecast indicator for trading in the Forex market.