From 2010 financial and IT specialists started to think about creating an indicator of price level modeling. At that time, the need to use many years of experience in creating financial products and algorithms for the development of a unique intellectual system of technical analysis, particularly, the complex automated system for modeling price and time levels in financial markets was very relevant.

LevelForecast is great combination of previous experiences and new thoughts that created very effective system of technical analysis and helps to realize the simulation of price and time levels in the forecast range.

The programmers, mathematicians, consultants from various fields of science and specialists of the direction BigData worked together and put a lot of hours developing the LevelForecast system. The initial versions of the indicator were designed in the Java language and included analytical tables with data on price levels in the predicted range. Functional capabilities of the system were expanded and improved. Many algorithms, including algorithms for processing historical data and searching for patterns of extremes, were conceptually revised and optimized. Subsequently, indicators for trading platforms MT4 and MT5 were designed and developed.


The server of Intellectual system LevelForecast is cluster-cloud model and system analytical platform, it has gone through long stages of development and improvement of functionality. Now it works with hundreds of thousands of requests for modeling price and time levels for many financial and industry markets.

The unique features of the LevelForecast system are:

  • Indicator of technical analysis LevelForecast for trading platform Metatrader4 and Metatrader5
  • Automated system for modeling price and time levels in the forecast range
  • Various trading strategies and algorithms based on the technical analysis system LevelForecast
  • Analytical platform Markets Live for Currency Pairs, Futures, Equities, Indices
  • Analytical platform Crypto Live for Crypto-currencies, Crypto-Indices
  • Cloud Computing System and Cluster Modeling System
  • The high-level API of the LevelForecast system for building any solutions and services
  • LevelForecast system capabilities are not limited to the financial markets and allow the production of settlement models for any financial insitutes or calculating industries.

Events and Company News

  • We are proud to announce the launch of our new website.

    Welcome to our new Website. What's New: Design and UI navigation, Personal Office, Market Analysis & Forecasts and more. If you have any issues, please let us know.

  • New version of the LevelForecast indicator for MT4/MT5 trading platform

    New opportunities in new version of the LevelForecast indicator: Trading zones, Trend lines and many improvements

  • Updated list of financial instruments

    Updated list of financial instruments, we are included more financial instruments as FX, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrency and Stocks

  • Public version of the technical analysis system LevelForecast.

    Was created the first public version of the technical analysis system LevelForecast.

  • Launching the LevelForecast cloud of computing platform

    Launching the LevelForecast v2 cloud of computing platform

  • Launching the LevelForecast core computing platform

    Launching the LevelForecast research core computing platform and build of the technical roadmap development.

What do we do?

Real-time data and modeling

Real-time modeling price and time levels and market data in all more features.

Advanced Charts

Technical studies & Interactivity.

Interactive Modeling of Profitable trade zones

Modeling of future extremum and direction of price movement.

Correlations and Trend Levels

Finding the range between of Support and Resistance trend levels.

Cloud Computing

Computing and Prediction via cluster-cloud analytics platform.

Desktop and Web Apps

Technical Analysis System LevelForecast for MT4/MT5.

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