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Protecting your privacy and personal and financial data is one of our top priorities at LevelForecast. This Agreement contains the rules and purposes for processing LevelForecast clients personal data as well as the measures we employ to protect this data from unauthorized access by third parties.

  1. Collecting personal data by registering a Personal Office, you agree to have your personal data processed and specifically consent to the collection, systemization, aggregation, storage, revision (updating, changing), usage, anonymization, blocking, deletion, and distribution (transfer) of said personal data to third parties in accordance with the conditions set forth in this Privacy Agreement. This consent shall be in effect indefinitely and may be revoked by submitting an appropriate written notice. We ask you for the data necessary for registering a Personal Office, providing functional service, and using this data if a dispute arises between you and LevelForecast. Providing this data is required for client identification and thus allows you to perform various operations in your Personal Office. We may also collect data to improve our understanding of your needs and preferences by communicating through Ticket System, conducting brief surveys in your Personal Office on our official website, and communicating with you over the phone. You provide this data to us voluntarily. We use the data that you directly provide when communicating.

  2. Use of personal data We use your personal data to provide secure high-quality service. The personal data you give us is used to verify contact information and identity. We also use personal data to register Personal Areas, open and configure Indicators or other services, and issue activation codes and passwords. By providing contact information, you help us improve our services and promptly communicate the availability of additional services, features, and promotions we may be offering.

  3. Providing personal data to third parties We do not provide your personal data to third parties except in the cases set forth by this Privacy Agreement. We reserve the right to provide personal data to third parties if required by law or if we receive formal requests from law enforcement and other government agencies. We may also provide your personal data to tax authorities or organizations that require the data to be provided in order to comply with laws against money laundering and financing terrorism, or when necessary to protect our rights or property. When transferring your information to third parties we maintain the confidentiality and security of the information being transferred. In order to give you comprehensive, state-of-the-art high-quality service, we may exchange your personal data with our partners. However, the use of your personal data is limited to sharing your internal account number with one of our partners at their request. At your request, we can provide information about the services that our partners provide for us.

  4. Limit on liability This Privacy Agreement is valid only for our website and does not cover other websites, including but not limited to websites that you go to using links on our website. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of each website whose use involves transferring personal data.

  5. Use of cookies We use cookies to ensure that our website works effectively and to support your Subscribe activities. Cookies are small text files sent from our web server to your computer. Our cookies do not contain any personal data, account numbers, or passwords. We may enlist outside organizations to help us manage the website and collect and analyze statistical data. These outside organizations may install and use their own cookies on our behalf.

  6. Commencement and amendment of the Privacy Agreement By registering a Personal Office, you agree to and accept all of the provisions set forth in the Privacy Agreement. Communication between you and LevelForecast begins as soon as we send you an email confirming your registration on our website. We may also send you information about changes and new services via email or receive emails with your questions and suggestions. This information is not confidential. By accepting the conditions of this Privacy Agreement, you agree to allow us to use the information we receive from you via email, including various ideas, methods, marketing designs, and know how, without incurring any additional obligations. Your personally identifiable data is an exception. We may analyze your internal messages in order to evaluate the quality of our services. Occasionally, we may update the Privacy Agreement. If significant changes are made, we will immediately post the new Privacy Agreement to our website and notify you of the changes. We recommend that you periodically read this Agreement in order to always have the latest information concerning how our personal data is processed.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Agreement, please contact us at

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